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Team Registration:


Registration will begin 1 hour before the team’s first game time.


Team Roster:


Six is the maximum number of players a team may roster on a team; three field players and three substitutes (a team must have a minimum of two field players to compete). There are no goalkeepers in 3v3. Roster changes, substitutions, and additions must be made prior to the team’s first game. A player may not play on more that one team in the same age group during the duration of the tournament.


Team Uniforms:


All players must wear matching jerseys/shirts with numbers or letters during play


Team Information:


Teams listed first on the schedule will be considered the HOME team. The HOME team must provide the game ball for the match. Home team is required to change jersey’s if there is a conflict in color. The winning team is required to turn in the score card to headquarters following the completion of the game.




All games will be played on TURF fields and fields will be approximately 25yds wide by 35yds long. All fields will utilize PUG goals or 3v3 goals. There is NO warm up time on the field unless there is no game before your game time.




Substitutions may be made on any dead ball situation, regardless of the team possession at the discretion of the referee. Teams must get referees attention and permission before entering the field of play. All subs must enter and exit at the mid-way line. There are NO substitutions on the fly.






There are NO offsides in 3v3 soccer matches


Game Duration


Teams must be at assigned field five minutes before the start of the game time. The game shall consist of two 12-minute halves separated by a two minute halftime. Home team will be given the kick off at the beginning of the game. Games may end in a tie during round robin play. There are no time outs and the official game clock will be kept on the field by the referee. The game clock does not stop during the game unless the referee or tournament director feels a need to.


Number of players on field:


Each team will play with a maximum number of 3 players on the field at one time, unless, the opposing team is winning by 10 goals. Then and only then, the team down can add a player and go to 4. Once the score difference drops below 10 goals, the team will need to play with 3 players once again. A team must play with a minimum of 2 players to qualify as a game. Any team unable to field a team has 5 minutes after the start time to qualify of they will forfeit.


5 Yard Rule


In all dead ball situations, including the kickoff, defending players must stand at least 5 yards away from the ball. If the defending player’s goal area is within 5 yards, the ball shall be placed 5 yards from the goal area in line with the place of the penalty.


Goal Area:


There will be an arch in from of goals. No player is to touch the ball inside of the arch. A defensive player touching a ball inside of the goal arch will result in a goal. An attacking player touching the ball will result in a goal kick.




All goals must be scored from the attacking half of the field


Kick In’s:


The ball shall be kicked into play from the side line instead of a throw in. There will be goal kicks and corner kicks.



Indirect Kicks


All dead ball kicks (kick-ins, free kicks, kick-offs) are indirect with the exception of corner kicks and penalty kicks.


Penalty Kicks:


A penalty kick shall be awarded if, in the referee’s discretion, a scoring opportunity was nullified by the infraction (the infraction does not automatically result in a red card). The penalty kick is taken from the center of the mid-field line with all players on the field behind the mid-way line. This is a “dead ball” kick, if a goal is not scored; the defensive team obtains possession with a goal kick.


Point System:


Wins = 6pts, Ties = 3pts, Losses = 0pts. Goals up to 3 = 1pt each, Shut outs = 1pt


Tie Breakers


  • Head to Head 2.) Goal Difference 3.) Goals against 4.) Number of shut outs 5.) Penalty Shootout

Round Robin Play

Each Team will play a minimum of 3 games in round robin player (each bracket may play a different number of teams and format depending on the number of team registered). All division standings shall be determined by the above point system. Points will determine top teams and placement for playoff format if needed

            Playoffs: (Depending on number of teams per bracket)

            Some brackets may play round robin only and others may have a semi-final then a championship game. Each
            bracket depends on the number of teams


            All weather decisions will be made by the tournament committee. All games are on turf so no field issues
            should be a problem. In The event of a cancellation, a makeup date will be looked at first. If a date cannot be
            determined and the event needs to be cancelled, team will receive a refund of $25 for any un-played game.

            Championship Matches:

            Games will be held on a designated turf field. If game ends in a tie at the end of regulation, overtime will
            consist of a five-minute overtime period. A coin toss will determine who receives the kick off in the overtime
            period. If the overtime period ends in a tie, a penalty shoot-out will take place with each player on the field
            at the end of the game taking a kick. If still tied, the remaining players will take kicks in sudden death fashion
            until a winner is decided. Kicks are taken from the mid field line.