General Rules

for Indoor Soccer Leagues


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In The Net Indoor Soccer Rules

  • Individuals utilizing this facility do so at their own risk. The property owner(s), league operators, officers, owners and staff of In The Net, Inc. assume no liability for any injuries or accidents, which may occur. Please refer to your Release/Waiver Form.
  • Conduct within the facility and on the field should be conducted in the spirit of good sportsmanship.
  • No chewing tobacco, chewing gum, candy, sunflower seeds, or similar types of products are permitted in the indoor turf area.
  • No glass containers are allowed inside the indoor turf field area.
  • In The Net, Inc. reserves the right to refuse play or service to anyone for any reason they see fit.
  • Any fighting will result in permanent banishment from the facility.

Signup& Fees:

  • Teams can sign up anytime before the start date. To guarantee your team spot, a $100 nonrefundable deposit is required prior to the league start date. Deposits will only be refunded if In The Net does not have a league spot available for your team. We ask that payment in full be received at least one week prior to the start of the league session.
  • If payment in full has not been received by the start of the session, your team will not be permitted to play until full payment has been made.
  • If full payment is not made by the said deadline, a $50 late fee will be added for every game played until full payment is made.
  • Any teams who submit late payments will forfeit any early registration discount(s) offered by In The Net.
  • No individual will be allowed to participate in any league games, practice session, tournament, clinic, open pickup game, or other activities until a release form has been properly completed and signed.
  • If a game(s) is canceled due to inclement weather and is unable to be rescheduled, the team(s) will be issued a credit towards future facility usage based upon availability



Official Games:

  • A game is considered “official” after one completed half of play. If there is an injury or other unforeseen circumstance, the current score will stand as official once a half has been played.
  • Clock:
    The clock will be a running clock.
  • In the case of a serious injury where the injured player must remain on the field the following may occur:
  • If the injury occurs before half time, the game will be cancelled and rescheduled.
  • If the injury occurs after half time, the score will count, unless the game determines a championship.
  • Game Length
    50 minutes (two 25 minute halves)
    one 2 minute half time
  • WarmUp Area
    In The Net will not guarantee a warmup area or time period for warming up. 

**All FIFA Soccer Rules will be enforced. The following rules apply directly to In the Net**

  1. Equipment:

Each team must provide one game ball.

All team members must wear the same colored shirt with a number on the back. Their number must match the number on the team roster form. Players may not switch shirts and wear a different number than that on your team roster form. Violators will receive a one match ban and also sit the remainder of that game.

All players must wear shin guards. In the Net will provide all game balls. All players must wear molded rubber soled cleats or indoor shoes. Players with casts or braces will be permitted to play based on the referee’s discretion. No metal cleats of any sort.

  1. Start of Game

    Kickoff can be played forward or Back. You cannot score directly off of the kickoff.
  3. Substitutions
    Substitutions will be on the fly. Teams must enter and leave the field from the designated areas. Subbing must occur within ten (10) feet of the midfield touch line, adjacent to the team area.
    The referee will determine where the ball went out. Violations will result in a change of possession. A throw will occur from the spot the ball went out of bounds. A player cannot score a goal directly from a throw in. A violation of the rule will result in a goal kick. In the spirit of fair play a ball out of bounds must be put back in play within a 5 second window. Any delay of game longer than this may result in a change of possession and/or such occurrence may result in a yellow card.
  5. Goal Kicks
    When the attacking team kicks the ball out of play over the end line, the defending team will get a goal kick. The goal kick is taken in the penalty area. The ball does not need to clear the penalty area prior to be touched. Goals cannot be scored directly from a goal kick.
  6. Corner Kicks
    When the defending team kicks the ball out of play over the end line, the attacking team will get a corner kick. The corner kicks should be taken at the point where the end line and sideline meet. A goal can be scored directly from a corner kick. Defenders must stand 4 yards away from ball on corner kicks.
  7. Direct Free Kicks
    Defenders must be 4 yards away from the ball on ALL free kicks. In the spirit of fair play the ball must be kicked into play within a 5 second window. Any delay of game longer than this may result in a change of possession and/or such occurrence may result in a yellow card.

    The following violations justify a direct free kick:
  • Charging running at an opponent in a violent or dangerous way
    · Handballs touching the ball with hand or arm
    · Hitting/kicking striking or attempting to strike an opponent
    · Holding grabbing an opponent to keep opponent from the ball
    · Pushing using the hands or arms to push aside an opponent
    · Tripping causing an opponent to trip
    · Slide tackling sliding on the pitch in an attempt to gain possession
  1. Indirect Free Kicks
    In the spirit of fair play the ball must be kicked into play within a 5 second window. Any delay of game longer than this may result in a change of possession and/or such occurrence may result in a yellow card.

    Goalkeeper punting the ball. The ball will placed at the top of the penalty area.
    · Hitting the ceiling/cables –An indirect kick is awarded against the team that hit the ceiling/cables.
    The ball is spotted where the ball made contact with the ceiling/cable (not were the ball was kicked).

    ** There is no slide tackling to tackle the ball away from an opponent. However, sliding to save the ball from going out of bounds or to win the ball in the open field will be up to the discretion of the referee.
  2. Penalty Kick
    A penalty kick will be awarded when the defending team commits a direct free kick violation inside their penalty area. The goalkeeper must stay on the goal line until the ball is kicked. The kicker cannot play the ball again unless a defending team’s player plays it. Penalty kicks will be taken from the penalty mark.
  3. Goalkeepers
    Goalkeepers are allowed unlimited steps, however the ball must be played within 6 seconds. Goalkeepers may NOT play the ball with their hands if the ball is kicked back to them by one of their own players – this rule does not apply to U8’s. Goalkeepers are NOT allowed to punt or drop kick the ball. Goalkeepers will not be permitted to slide outside of the penalty box to play the ball.
  4. Coaching
    Coaches must stay in "coach's area" as designated by the referee. 2 Coaches only are permitted in the team area. Coaching from the sideline is permitted provided instruction is given and not derogatory. No coach, player, or spectator may make derogatory comments or gestures to referees, other coaches, other players, or spectators. No coach, player, or spectator will use profanity or behave destructively.

    Coaches have total responsibility for the conduct of their players, friends, and spectators at all times. At the discretion of the official or In the Net Management, spectators, coaches and/or players will be ejected from the facility for any disruptive behavior.
  5. Cautions
    A yellow card will be given as a warning. The player must sit for one minute and be allowed on the field as soon as that time has passed. The team must play down one player for the whole amount of time. Any player or coach given their 3rd yellow card in one session will sit out the remaining scheduled games in that session.
  6. Ejection
    A red card is given for a second yellow card, a serious foul, or a dangerous act performed in any one
    A red carded player or coach must leave the playing area immediately. The team will play one man down for the remainder of that game. Any red carded player or coach must sit out and will not be permitted in the playing area for the NEXT scheduled game. Any player or coach who receives a second red card in the league will then sit out and will not be permitted in the playing area for the remainder of their teams scheduled games in that session. However, depending on the severity of the ejection, at the discretion of the referee and or of In the Net management, any unruly player or coach may be ejected from the playing area and sanctioned to more extreme penalties. At the discretion of the official or In the Net management, spectators, coaches and/or players can be ejected from the facility for any disruptive behavior. Anyone who commits assault on any other person on facility property will be expelled from the league permanently.
  7. *No Spitting on the Turf* *NO GUM ON TURF* Any person caught spitting on the turf may
    be sent off.
  8. Goal Margin of Victory
    Only a 10 goal margin will be posted and recorded towards a team victory or loss.
  9. Playoffs and Championship Games
    OT Tiebreakers
    If a playoff game and/or championship game ends in a tie, a 4 min sudden victory over time period will occur. If the game still remains tied, goalkeepers will be removed and the game will be played until a game winning goal is scored.
  10. Regular Season Standings Tiebreakers
    If two teams are tied with the same amount of points at the end of the regular season, the following will be used (in order) to break the tie:
    1) Head to Head
    2) Goal Differential
    3) Goals Against
  11. NO PROTESTS WILL BE ALLOWED. The League Director or designee will settle disputes and their
    decision is final.

In the Net Additional Rules and Regulation

    1. Any team requesting a game change after the first game will be required to pay the ref fee for both teams participating in that game along with a $75 rescheduling fee.
    2. A team that is required to forfeit their game must pay the referee both their own referee fee and are required to pay the ref fee for the other team. No Exceptions! Teams will be permitted to play recreationally, and may pick up additional players (must sign a medical release form) to field enough players to play.
    3. A team must forfeit if they cannot provide enough players to field a team.
    4. Inclement Weather Cancellation Clause – In the Net will remain open during Inclement Weather. Information regarding closings can be found on our website and by calling 717-838-8706 and listening to recording.
    5. In the Net reserves the right to ask for proof of age from any player. The team will be required to submit proof by means of birth certificate, passport, driver's license, or state player's pass to In the Net management within one week of request. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit.
    6. All League-Related Questions and/or Comments should be directed to In The Net: 717-838-8706 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.