Session 2 Schedule HS Boys West

All games scheduled for January 12th on In The Net Fields #4, #5 or #6 are postponed due to delay in air dome installation.
We apologize for the delay, please review the Apology Letter written by our ownership regarding the delay.

Team Win  Loss Tie GA
AC Dutchmen 2   2
Hershey 04
Iron Valley Wasilefski
West Schuylkill FC Outlaws  
Lebanon 1  
Pine Grove 1   12 
MASA 2   12 
Tri Valley Bulldogs   19 


Date Time Field # Team 1 Team 2 Score
January 5th 6:00pm ITN #3 Lebanon MASA 2 1-0 
January 5th 7:00pm ITN #3 Pine Gove AC Dutchmen 1-9 
January 5th 8:00pm ITN #3 West Schuylkill FC Outlaws Iron Valley - Wasilefski 2-4 
January 5th 9:00pm ITN #3 Hershey 04  Tri Valley Bulldogs 12-1 
Postponed Postponed ITN #6 AC Dutchmen Hershey 04  
Postponed Postponed ITN #3 Lebanon Iron Valley - Wasilefski  
Postponed Postponed ITN #6 Tri Valley Bulldogs West Schuylkill FC Outlaws  
Postponed Postponed ITN #6 MASA 2 Tri Valley Bulldogs  
January 19th 7:00pm ITN #3 Pine Grove Tri Valley Bulldogs 7-3 
January 19th 8:00pm ITN #3 MASA 2 West Schuylkill FC Outlaws 0-11 
January 19th 9:00pm ITN #1 Iron Valley - Wasilefski Hershey 04 5-5 
January 19th 9:00pm ITN #6 Lebanon AC Dutchmen 1-8 
January 26th 9:00pm ITN #4 Lebanon Hershey 04  
January 26th 9:00pm ITN #6 AC Dutchmen Iron Valley - Wasilefski  
January 28th 8:00pm ITN #3 Pine Grove West Schuylkill FC Outlaws  
January 28th 9:00pm ITN #3 Lebanon Hershey 04  
February 2nd 6:00pm ITN #3 Lebanon Pine Grove  
February 2nd 7:00pm ITN #3 MASA 2 Iron Valley - Wasilefski  
February 9th 4:00pm ITN #3 MASA 2 AC Dutchmen  
February 9th 5:00pm ITN #3 Iron Valley - Wasilefski Tri Valley Bulldogs  
February 9th 8:00pm ITN #3 Lebanon West Schuykill FC Outlaws  
February 9th 9:00pm ITN #3 Pine Grove Hershey 04  
February 16th 8:00pm ITN #4 West Schuylkill FC Outlaws Hershey 04  
February 23rd 6:00pm ITN #3 MASA 2 Hershey 04  
February 23rd 7:00pm ITN #3 Lebanon Tri Valley Bulldogs  
February 23rd 8:00pm ITN #3 West Schuylkill FC Outlaws Iron Valley - Wasilefski  
February 23rd 9:00pm ITN #3 Pine Grove AC Dutchmen  
March 1st 7:00pm ITN #3 MASA 2 Tri Valley Bulldogs  
March 1st 8:00PM ITN #3 AC Dutchmen West Schuylkill FC Outlaws  
March 1st 9:00pm ITN #3 Pine Grove Iron Valley - Wasilefski  
March 15th 7:00pm ITN #3 MASA 2 Pine Grove  
March 15th 8:00pm ITN #3 AC Dutchmen Tri Valley Bulldogs