In The Net Fall Baseball League 2022

15/16U Division

All Games Played on In The Net Wellspan Field #1

No metal cleats, chewing gum, or sunflower seeds allowed 

Team Win Loss Tie Runs Against
Central Penn Crusaders Gold 3 0 1 10
Mutts 2 1 0 18
Central Penn Sliders 1 1 1 13
Central Penn Crusaders Blue 2 3 0 33
Central Penn Renegades 1 4 0 57


Date Time Team 1 Team 2 Score
September 6th 7:45pm Crusaders Blue Renegades 12-11 
September 8th 7:45pm Crusaders Gold Mutts 9-6 
September 12th 7:45pm Crusaders Blue Sliders 4-5 
September 13th 7:45pm Renegades Crusaders Gold 0-17 
September 15th 7:45pm Renegades Mutts 2-14
September 19th 7:45pm Renegades Sliders 7-4 
September 20th 7:45pm Crusaders Blue Crusaders Gold 2-4 
September 22nd 7:45pm Crusaders Blue Mutts 7-8
September 26th 7:45pm Crusaders Gold Sliders 2-2 
September 27th 7:45pm Crusaders Blue Renegades 10-5
October 3rd 7:45pm Sliders Mutts  
October 4th 7:45pm Crusaders Blue Crusaders Gold  
October 6th 7:45pm Renegades Crusaders Gold  
October 10th 7:45pm Crusaders Blue Sliders  
October 11th 7:45pm Crusaders Gold Sliders  
October 13th 7:45pm Renegades Mutts  
October 17th 7:45pm Renegades Sliders  
October 18th 7:45pm Crusaders Blue Mutts  
October 20th 7:45pm Crusaders Gold Mutts  
October 24th 7:45pm Sliders Mutts  
October 27th 7:45pm #1 Seed #2 Seed Championship